nois is an ethically driven retailer who curates products free of animal materials from both established and emerging designers.


we began as a street fashion journal documenting styles that are put together sans animal products on the streets of new york. an initiative spurred by our personal ambition to disprove the idea that fashion and vegan lifestyle are mutually exclusive.

other than street captures, we also worked with stylists and artists to pull pieces and put together outfits for inspiration.   


through the street fashion journal, we launched a campaign against animal cruelty in the fashion industry in collaboration with nine artists who work in various mediums. the campaign evoked emotions and inspired individuals to connect the disconnect between what they wear and where the 'materials' come from: a reminder to not let vanity crush the value of life. 

contributing artists include Annu Kilpeläinen, Yoko Furusho, Mitt Roshin, Nataliya Platonova, Penelope Dullaghan, Lindsay Stripling, Jon Jones, Ian Stevenson, and Alessandra De Cristofaro.

illustration(right) created by Lindsay Stripling for the campaign


building on the idea that fashion and ethics are not mutually exclusive, we have since then evolved into an independently owned e-commerce maintaining one central principle: that every piece we stock is carefully selected to be free of silk, animal skin, fur, and hair. nois focuses on vegan brands as well as sustainable and emerging designers to curate pieces that are thoughtfully designed and always relevant. 

at nois, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint generated by retail packaging to help preserve our environment. for all orders, we pack with either a mailer or a box made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials. they are durable, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable. we will reuse boxes returned to us to mail out new orders under the condition that the structural integrity of the boxes is not compromised and they are free of any heavy damage.      
nois is always looking for new ideas, collaborations and emerging brands to work with. if you share our values and are interested in introducing your brand through nois, please email to with your linesheet and lookbook.